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In 2004, the Lord spoke to me through the book of Matthew 24: 4-14 about what will happen in the end time and How Satan will defeat many people through disappointments and hopelessness and how many people will
give up in their faith because of the abounding of iniquities and it will look like if one doesn’t commit iniquities or join the Satanic league, one cannot make it or stand out in life. God revealed the lies of the devil to me and said I am empowering and sending you to the Nations, starting from Africa to the rest of the World with the message
of HOPE to prepare   them towards this end time gimmick of the devil.

The scripture giving me for this mission is Ecclesiastes 9v4 “FOR TO HIM THAT IS JOINED TO ALL THE LIVING THERE IS HOPE…………………” This was linked to John 10V10 that says that Satan came to STEAL, KILL AND

The calling is to go and teach people that they should not give up hope in God, and to open their eyes to see that once they are still alive, that means Satan had not prevailed over them; he might have stolen  properties, but the fact that he hadn’t kill them or destroyed them in hell means that its not over for them. So once they don’t give up and feel that it’s over for them, the faithful God will bring HOPE INTO THEIR HOPELESS SITUATIONS.
This is the message that must go round the World and must be trumpeted more than what Satan is doing, to let people see the fact why they shouldn’t give up.

Church Service

Since 2004, we have been spreading this message through our Media Ministries [Radio and Television and Prints] Training people to Act as Ambassadors in their Nation and to teach and empower people within their
jurisdiction to keep the fire of Hope burning and not to give up as long as they are alive because to them that is joined with the living, there is HOPE.

Join us to spread this good news of hope.


Best Regard

Pastor Ebenezer Olalekan Alabi.

Join us to spread this good news of hope.


Best Regard

Pastor Ebenezer Olalekan Alabi.

We believe the entire Bible to be Holy Spirit Inspired by God, the authoritative word of God that is eternally reliable and the final authority in all things.

We believe in the trinity; one God who exists in three distinct persons; Father, Son and the Holy Spirit.

We affirm the deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, His virgin birth, his Sinless life, His miracles, His victorious and atoning death through His shed blood. His bodily resurrection, His ascension to the right hand of the Father, and His personal return in power and glory

We believe Jesus Christ is the son of God and Savior of the world.

We believe Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross and on the third day He rose triumphant over death.

We believe that there is no other name given that man should be saved by but the name of Jesus Christ.

We believe that Jesus Christ is coming again.
We believe in the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the gift of speaking in tongues.
We believe that there is life after death, either in heaven or hell; the saints will go to heaven and the un-repented sinners will go to hell.
We believe in the institution of marriage according to the specifications of the Bible, man marrying a woman and having children.

We affirm baptism by immersion in obedience to our Lord Jesus Christ.

We believe in the Holy Communion, which is the blood and body of Jesus Christ.

We affirm the fact that men and women are created in God’s image and can both serve, or be ordained to any office in Kingdom work.

We affirm the ministry and presence of Angels of the living God and the reality of the devil and demonic forces and our need to continue taking authority over the kingdom of darkness which Christ won for us at the cross.

1] Our mission is to preach the message of HOPE THROUGH FAITH and LOVE; however we preach or teach, it must carry these elements. We are to give hope to the hopeless and empowered people through the message of
Hope. ECCL.9V4

2] Our Mission is to prepare people towards the coldness and abounding of iniquities at the end times, which will make people’s love for Christ grow cold and would want to turn back in their faith. MATTHEW 24: 4-14.

3] Our slogan is DON’T GIVE UP, THERE IS HOPE FOR YOU!!!!

4] Our main targeted area of calling is to Africa first, and then the world.

5] Our mode of message delivery is SOUND MESSAGE AND MUSIC

6] Our methodology in spreading this message of HOPE is through training. We train and release to train others Worldwide. As many as would believe and are ready to work with the vision will be licensed to preach the message of HOPE wherever they may be.
ROMANS: 10V14-15.

7] Our vision is to establish AMBASSADORS in every nation God takes us to. The aim is to preach, teach and spread this message of HOPE among the neighbourhood.

8] Our dream is to establish a HOPE PRAYER CITY. The prayer city will be A PRAYER RESORT on acreages of land with mountains. This is to create a serene and godly environment for people Worldwide to have a private time with their Maker. The resort will contain decent accommodation in grades, restaurants, games centre and auditorium for
services wish will open everyday for people. Also, there will be counseling centres to help people.

9] We believe in media, and our aim is to use all forms of media to propagate this message of HOPE in Jesus Christ. The VOICE OF HOPE which is the media department of the ministries will publish a free monthly bulleting to further the course of this message of HOPE. We work with radio and Television.

10] Our ultimate vision in media is to have our Christian Radio and Television station.


Mission of Hope Ministries is not just a church, but comprises so many Ministries coming together under one umbrella.


The local Church is the body controlling all our operations with the Headquarter located in Accra Ghana. This is a place of fellowship. You can join any of our local Churches by registering your name, that will make you become our member automatically.


We don’t just play music every Sunday by singing praises and worship alone, but have a Music Ministry which trains musicians, organizes Talent Night in which some talented musicians will be picked and exposed to the musical world both home and Abroad. We produce and compose songs and create Albums. Our Music Ministry is a big industry creating jobs for youths who are good in dancing and singing. It is headed by an experienced Multitalented Musician. This department records and markets the messages and music produced in Mission of Hope Churches – audio
tapes, CDs, VCDs and DVDs. This is the department responsible for sound reinforcement during our services and events.
Our Media Ministry is very dynamic and very unusual. The Ministry comprises of Media men and women who have  broad experience fromTelevision, Radio, Print, Videography, Photography, etc. They use their multi-talent and knowledge to put the church on a high pedestal in media. This has helped us to come out with our Television talk shows, radio program, our impending magazines, etc. Because of their multifaceted nature, a program has been designed to roll out a media school which will help street and disadvantaged youth to learn everything about media for capacity building. The Media School will help underprivileged irrespective of your race, religion, tribe or church.

The help Ministry is the welfare section that deals with all kinds of kindness, giving to people and the community in which our church is located or our operation unit. This ranges from paying school fees, accommodations, career and business establishments, community project, widows support, orphans. Our help Ministry also meets the needs of
Church members. People from other churches and religion have accessed our Help Ministry. It is open to all those who genuinely need it.


Event Ministry specializes in organizing Christian events. We organized Nigeria Independence Praise and Prayer Fiesta; A program that brought all Nigerians in Ghana together to praise and pray to God for the celebration of the independent. It is a yearly event and enjoyed the support of the High Commission and other Men and Women of God. The Ministry also organizes Parties, Singles and Married Seminars, Musical Concerts, Games etc.


This Ministry cuts across all women, from corporate to market women, from Singles to married women. This is to help women to understand themselves and society better through interactions. This helps to bridge the gap between the older generation and the younger ones. This Ministry empowers women through the various programs designed for women in all sectors. This is a bank of ideas and mentoring centre for women who want to go somewhere in life. Join and see the wonders.


It is a Ministry designed for the integration of men in the Church. They meet regularly for fun, to de stress, pray, encourage one another and to discuss men’s issues. You can’t miss the fun.

It is a centre of future leaders. The youth of today are the leaders of tomorrow and their energy and strength must be channeled to an appropriate place through God’s direction. If the foundation be destroyed, what can the righteous do? This Ministry helps the youth to secure better foundations in the Lord. This is a training ground for
tomorrow’s leaders both in the Lord and in the World. Our youth are full of Hope and confident. Starts well by joining today.


Making sure there is order in the house creates an avenue for the move of God in our midst. This daunting task is done by our ushering department

Prayer is very important and it must be regularly conducted. This is keenly seen to by the Prayer and Intercession directorate. They also organize the all-night prayer meetings and a prayer chain in which prayers are made for the church and members daily.