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I am grateful for the gift of life daily; I thank God for the grace to see this new month. As the Lord has directed, the month of May is our MONTH OF DIRECTION. Yesterday we spoke about the grace for direction in life and I made mention of the fact that if you know where you are going in life, it shortens the journey of life. If you love God, He will surely guide you and show you where to go and how to go about it. He will cause you to be in the right place at the right time with the right people.

For every miracle, there is a “Where” (the place where the miracle will take place, “When”(the time when the miracle will take place), and a “Whom” (the people God will use to bring the miracle to pass). This is why direction is very important in our lives. If you don’t have a particular direction in life, you arrive nowhere. If you don’t know what has been given to you, you will spend your life chasing after shadows. This life isn’t that bad, it is just that we are ignorant of what, when, where and with whom we should run the race of life. This limitation is making many feel dejected and causing them to question God. But if you know the reason why you are on earth and God’s purpose for creating you, you will live your life with joy and happiness; knowing what is going to happen to you and the end of it.

Direction is a general line that someone or something is moving or pointing in. We need to know where God wants us to be and what He wants us to know. Can you say that where you are is where God wants you to be? Or can you say beyond any reasonable doubt that what you are doing is what God wants you to do? We need to ask God what our purpose is, where we are going to in Life, the people he wants us to liaise with and the place he wants us to be in life.

In the journey of life it is important to understand that directions are instructions that tell us what to do. What you are looking for in life, all your stress and prayer all leads to one thing; the need to know what to do. This is why people run from church to church, from prophet to prophet, from place to place. People need direction because they are clueless about where God is taking them to or what God is doing in their lives. They have no idea of where to go and what to do and because of that life becomes a mystery to them and it is difficult for them to unravel it. God didn’t design our lives to be interpreted by others; rather he designed it for us to discover the purpose for which He created us.

Regardless of your origin, race and color, everyone wants an interpretation to their life. It is the main influence in the choice of religion by some because they all want direction and answers. Everybody who understands how to do so can get direction by themselves from God. Irrespective of whom you are, God created you and He is the manufacturer of your life.

Direction is the knowledge of how to do something or how to get somewhere. Many of us are pregnant with visions but we don’t know how to birth our visions and bring to life that thing inside of us. We don’t know when to make the next move. Everything in life has an appropriate time. Everything has its timing. We should learn to ask to give us direction concerning the timing and seasons of our lives. God will tell you how long your preparatory period is and what to do during that time. Sometimes God will place us under others to learn from them before our season comes. After the anointing of Elisha, he didn’t automatically start being an accomplished prophet he had to undergo training from Elijah before his time came.

Many of us don’t know who to walk with in our direction and how to go about our direction. When we have the answers to all of these, they will make our lives beautiful. It will reduce our anxiety, stress, panic and blood pressure.

Directions are instructions about how to get from one place to the other. When you get the direction to wait, do so because He that called you is faithful. When you receive the direction to go, go, because in obedience you will experience the accomplishment of his plans for you.

For you to know how to properly use a product, you need to read the manual of the manufacturer and learn from it. Recently in the news I read about the abuse of the Codeine cough syrup by a lot of young people, and this misuse is causing some to go mad because they didn’t follow the instruction and direction of the product. For every drug you buy there is always a leaflet to give you the complete set of direction on how to use it. You can’t tear the leaflet and decide to use the drug however you desire. Do you know how dangerous that is? For you to avoid abuse, you need to get used to the manufacturers manual and instructions.

You need to get close to God to get his directions for your life because He is your creator and thus manufacturer. You need to ask him what He wants you to do, where he wants you to go and how He wants you to do it because He is your manufacturer and He has the blueprint of your life. If no two finger prints in the world are the same, then it means that God created everyone uniquely and He knows each one of us. Wherever you come from or in whatever color, form or shape you come in, God is never confused about your life. He knows you and he knows everything about you. He knows your name and he knows the purpose before he created you. For you to live your life without abusing it and without endangering it, you must go and seek the face of God for the direction of your life. It is of the utmost important. This is our reason for living; know who you are, what you are on earth to do and who you are on earth to impact.

God told Jeremiah, “Before I formed you in your mother’s womb, I knew you”. God formed us and he knowsus, he knows who we are going to be in life and our end. Many of us are clueless about our purpose and that is why our days are full of confusions. We wouldn’t make a lot of mistakes if our directions are very clear. If you don’t have the knowledge of who you are and what your purpose is, destruction is inevitable. If you don’t follow instructions, some of your actions and inactions can damage your life and cause you unnecessary pain. One of my major prayers now is that I will know God’s plan for the rest of my Life. Regardless of your religious orientation, every one needs to seek clarification from God.

You need to know where to carry out your purpose too. An apple seed may be good, but it cannot grow in tropical places like Ghana, hence planting it here is a complete waste of time. Some of us don’t know the timing and season of life. We are rushing to make decisions in our life without proper guidance. We are fasting for the wrong things and many think that without fasting God will not hear them. We need God to speak to us, this simplifies life considerably. Let us spend time asking God to show us what our purpose is on earth, where we are supposed to carry out that purpose and when we should do.

The desire of God for every human being is that we will have all of this information at our disposal. The issue is that most of us don’t wait on God to answer us when we pray. We have no time; we’re always in a hurry that we have no time to hear from God. Until God speaks, we shouldn’t take any move in life. Make up your mind that no issue is too urgent if God hasn’t spoken about it. You have the right to your own life, so don’t allow men to tell you how to run your life, when the God that formed you hasn’t spoken to you yet. Don’t allow people to stop you from obeying God’s instructions for your life.

Our lives have been predestined by God. God has a reason for everything He does in our lives; He has a reason for making us the way we are. Many try to change how God made them. Everybody is just doing whatever they like because others are doing it and it is working for them. We are the architects of our woes. When you stray from the plan of God you give the devil room to harass you, intimidate you and cause you pain. When you walk in God’s plan, he protects you in all you do.

If God knows your end from the beginning why not trust his plan and follow what he has preordained you to be? He knows everything about you so you must always seek direction from him. If you don’t get a clear instruction, don’t move. There are enough sorrows, miscalculations and troubles. Irrespective of who is saying something, if the instruction of God is not clear, do not move.

Many people today are in a rush to do things. We follow others without questioning, we launch without asking God for directions. Many of us have so much respect and honor for men, that we disrespect and dishonor God and this is the affliction of our lives. Many of us run after prophets and bishops and the so called big men of God without running after God himself. What has all these gotten you? You go for holy water here and go for anointing oil there, have they brought any change to your life? Follow God’s instruction regardless of the person they come through, whether big or small. Be in the will of God rather than in the will of man. Wherever God has put you in life be happy withit. The people that he has put in your life, be satisfied with them.

Remember the story of the junior and senior prophet. God gave the junior prophet clear instructions, but when the senior prophet gave him a counter word claiming it was from God, he followed what the old prophet said instead of obeying the instruction God personally gave him. In the end, God still used this old prophet who lied to him to prophesy his doom. When others give you a message claiming it is from God, you need to get clearance and confirmation from your spirit before you do it.

Prophet Habakkuk said he will stay on his station and wait on God to see what He will say to him and what answer He will give him concerning his complaint.

How many of you can say in everything you do, you hear God and it is the will of God? Some people don’t hear God and yet they proudly say this is the will of God for your life. Sometimes God gives us signs and yet we ignore them and go ahead in our ways and when trouble comes we start looking for help.

I have made mistakes, and I have learnt from them and it is always wiser to learn from the mistakes of others. Don’t be spiritually arrogant. Be open to corrections from those who are spiritually equipped to correct you especially your pastor. Be willing to learn and admit that you know nothing. Lay bare before God and admit all your mistakes and allow him to change and correct you. This will make you to win the battle of life. It will stop the devil from having an advantage over us. Some us hear God, and yet we are too arrogant to follow Him.

Sometimes we like to shift all our problems on pastors, and we fail to hear from God ourselves. God has promised to teach us and counsel us in the way we should go. Don’t let your pride stop you from following God’s direction. The bible says the steps of a good man are directed and established by the Lord when He delights in his way and He busies Himself with his every step. When you hear from God, you will have no stress in this life. Every day, keep asking God for his direction and guidance.


  • From today Lord, teach me in the way I should go.
  • Lord I want to hear you, please give me instructions for my life. I want to understand your instructions concerning my life. Speak to me concerning every subject of my life. Show me the way to go. Open my ears and eyes to hear and see your instructions concerning every aspects of our lives
  • Father, concerning my life, please speak to me in the name of Jesus




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