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SCRIPTURES: PSALM 9:1; PSALM 23:6; ROM 8:29; 1 SAMUEL 30:1-25


It is those that love the father that go to Him constantly for direction. God already loves us and so if we claim to love him, we should demonstrate it by our actions towards Him. When we walk in this love, the indwelling Spirit of the Father will constantly direct us, every day, hour and minute.

Today we are looking at the case of David; David’s love for God and His direction throughout his life. The bible speaks about the genuine and tested love David had for God. Regardless of the circumstance, David would always choose God over anything else. God himself bore witness of David and said, “I have found David, son of Jesse a man after my own heart, who will do all my will and carry out my program fully.” Before God could say He had found, it means that he was looking for someone after his heart. And even today, God is still looking for someone who will do all his will and carry out His program fully in our generation. God is looking for a man that will obey Him completely, a man who has complete love towards His work, someone who will sacrifice anything for the purpose of God.

God tested the love of David and found it to be true. Many of us today have conditional love, we are there when things are rosy and we walk away when things get tough. David’s love for God was so genuine that God had no choice but to guide his every step because God didn’t want to lose David and vice versa. Many of us are called children of God and yet we rise against our father and cause Him pain in so many ways. Sometimes you may give birth to children and yet you may not have a child. There is a local proverb that says “Until you have a kind child you have no child.”

When God found David, he knew that David would carry out his will completely and with a child like that, you will guide and guard him jealously, you will ensure that he doesn’t make a mistake and not fail. Children who don’t love the father, will not experience Hisdaily guidance, you will fumble your way around until you figure it out or until the father has mercy towards you. The more you show love to God, the more of His direction you will receive. David said that the house of the Lord and His presence shall be his dwelling place. How about you? Is the Lord your dwelling place? Are you so immersed in God? You don’t have to be perfect because David wasn’t. But regardless of the imperfections, God overlooked them because of the love David had for Him. Love covers a multitude of sins.

David praisedthe Lord with his whole heart; he showed forth all the marvelous works and wonderful deeds of God. This is the reason God was so drawn to him. Love is not quiet. It has to be expressed. It will come out in your actions and reactions. Love will show in everything you do. Love cannot be covered. David was always declaring his love for God; he fervently and devotedly loved God because God was his strength. This is one the reason why God was constantly monitoring David’s life and guarding him, because nothing could stop David from loving God and this moved God. When it came to God and the service of God, David had no limit. When you love God, it guarantees direction in life.


  1. Direction will shorten the journey of your life

As a result of disobedience, the children of Israel lost the direction of God and they wandered in the wilderness for 40 years before they entered the promise land. When you know what you are called to do, you will not waste your time doing other things before you find your path. With God’s direction, you will not waste time in life. You will work in your purpose.

I remember when I was younger; I wanted to travel to USA to seek greener pastures. I got my visa and just a day to my departure, I heard the voice of God telling me that He hadn’t sent me to USA. I stayed here in Ghana to do God’s work and ever since then I haven’t regretted it. I have had several instances where I was going in a direction that the Lord hadn’t called me to and I thought I wanted to help God to achieve his purpose in me, But God has repeatedly called my attention and redirected me and I am grateful that He did. At the time, there were many people who didn’t understand my decisions but I tell you when you follow the direction of God, your life will eventually make sense.I know a number of people who have gone to countries where God didn’t ask them to and they have spent decades in those countries and yet they have nothing to show for it. God may be speaking to you and telling you his will, learn to listen and obey his leading.

  1. Direction will make you to avoid unnecessary pain and sorrow

When you go to a place where God didn’t ask you to, it will surely bring you pain and sorrow. Direction is to show us how to get from one place to another. Without God direction, you will follow wrong paths and these paths will bring you pain and sorrow. It is not everything that God wants you to do, it may work out for some but it may not work out for you.

  1. Direction will bring fulfillment and accomplishment

Money is not a sign of fulfillment. Fulfillment is about accomplishing you divine purpose on this earth. There is something that God has called you to be on this earth. Fulfillment comes when you find your God given purpose here on earth and you walk in it. Money doesn’t bring happiness but fulfilling your purpose brings you a sense of joy, peace and happiness. Material things do not bring fulfillment.

  1. Direction defeats Satan and the enemy’s plan for your life

When you are not in the lane God has designed for you, you will meet satanic attack on the way. When you are out of the will of God, you become prey for the enemy. Ask yourself is God with you on this journey? Is God leading you on that path? If God is leading you, I can guarantee you that no matter the challenges you may face, God will surely deliver you. If it is your divine path, no matter how many attacks you may face, you will surely have victory. Many have tried to close down this church, I have had several attacks in this ministry but we are still standing today because this is God’s will for us. In the midst of crises, continue because He that called you can protect you in the time of predicaments. And even though they come after you, because you are in the will of God you will always triumph.

  1. Direction brings victory and success

When you are in the direction of God, you may not like the path, but you will have victory at the end. You may not enjoy the path, but you will enjoy the end, because it will be successful, victorious and joyful.

  1. Direction makes God pleased with our lives

God found David and he was pleased with him because he was a man after God’s heart and he did all that the Lord told him and carried out his plans fully. When Jesus was baptized, heaven opened and the Lord also said this is my son in whom I am well pleased. Is God pleased with your life? Are the decisions you are making pleasing God? Are you obeying God fully?

  1. Direction brings us closer to God

Direction brings us closer to God, because it helps us to do what will make God happy. You cannot be in the direction of God and not be closer to God. To get direction from God, you need to draw closer to him. When you find the direction of God concerning your calling, obeying it puts you in God’s will and it draws you closer to him. The essence of our walk with God is to please Him. At the end of the day, we all want to hear him say ‘well done son’. I don’t want to get to heaven and realize that I didn’t do all the things God wanted me to do. The only time you will get a “well done” is when you find His will for you and walk in it completely. You can’t impress God with the number of houses you have, neither can you impress him with landed property. Impress him by knowing his will and obeying it completely. Don’t allow your thirst for life take you away from the will of God

When you consider the story of David in 1Sam 30, you will be amazed at how much he sought God’s direction and acted out the will of God despite the trying situation. Here are some lessons we can learn from the life of David in this chapter.

  1. Don’t react based on your emotions, no matter how strong they may be (1Sam 30:4)

It is okay to express your emotion; anger, frustration, sorrow or even joy, but be careful not to responding to that situation based on your feelings. Don’t allow your emotions to cause you to stray from the will of God.

  1. Never respond to people’s immature behavior towards you during crisis; always run to God for direction to avoid regrettable mistakes (1Sam 30:6)

The men who were with him were grieved and they were planning to stone David even though he lost his wives and children as well. But David didn’t react to it. He rather turned to the priest to seek the direction of God for the next line of action. People will always find someone to blame in the middle of a crisis. They will fail to be realistic and are ready to blame you but don’t react to this immaturity. Some people can make you lose your salvation if you don’t take care. Some people can push you to sin with their ingratitude. No matter what people are saying about you, you know what God is saying about you and you can stand on the word of God. Refuse to allow people to break you with their actions. Don’t let people damage you with their words. Don’t’ let people drive you to sin by their words or actions.

  1. When you don’t know what to do, pray to the Lord and wait for direction before you make any move. (1Sam 30:7-8)

Learn how to pause, think and pray, receive direction before you take action. Some have made moves they have regretted all their lives because God was not in it. Learn to wait on God and ask him to help you to not make mistakes. There were times where challenges made me to want to walk away from this work but God spoke to me and reminded me that he called me to here and I obeyed him. Don’t react based on your emotions but rather act based on the directions of God. To a human being, you may not have accomplished much but to God you have done much. Make sure you are making a move when God has spoken to you

  1. Direction must be worked out with wisdom. Apply Wisdom to all the directions that God gives you and the results would be phenomenal. (1Sam 30:11-15)

When David saw the enemy, he was kind to him, fed him, gave him water, and showed him kindness. And that enemy became the architect that God used to help David catch his enemies. Direction without wisdom will lead to disaster. God doesn’t talk too much. He will tell you one thing, after which it is your responsibility to work it out with wisdom. Sometimes you must use wisdom to apply the direction of God in your life if you want to end well. Don’t just receive direction and run like a headless goat. Instructions must be carried out with wisdom

  1. Don’t abuse the grace of God upon your life; be a channel of Grace to others 1Sam 30: 21-25)

Don’t use the grace of God upon your life to disgrace others. Don’t think because it has worked for you and everyone else who doesn’t have what you have are stupid or lazy. Don’t use the grace of God upon your life to abuse, insult, oppress and disgrace others. Be careful. All fingers are not equal, when you find someone that is not equal to you, pause and consider before you judge them. The base and wicked men with David were not willing to share the spoils with those who didn’t go for the raid but it shouldn’t be so. When God blesses you, use it to be a blessing to others.


Dear Lord, show me the direction I should go, I don’t want to be out of your will in Jesus Christ’s name.

God please help me to walk in your will and direction, help me to lay down my own plan for your plan.

Father help me not to waste my life,please help me to finish well, please don’t let my arrogance to take me away from your will.



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