Message 05


SCRIPTURES: PSALM 37:23, GENESIS 12:1-4; PSALM 25:4-5; ISAIAH 48:17


Direction is the foundation for all miracles. And a miracle is simply being in the right place at the right time, with the right people. Miracles are divinely ordained by God for the benefit of humanity. No miracle is by luck or chance. Remember the man born blind in the Bible; the disciples thought it was as a result of his sin or those of his parents. But Jesus said it was so that the name of the Lord will be glorified. Being in the right place at the right time with the right people produces miracles in the lives of people to the glory of God

You need direction to be in that right place. If you don’t have direction, you will be moving in circles all your life. When you know where you are going, the journey of your destiny is shortened. When you don’t know where you are going, you will meet the wrong people, wrong partners and you will make wrong choices that will further complicate your life. It is the lack of direction that causes people to waste their lives in the wrong places, doing wrong things.

When you lack direction, you will waste all your energy in the wrong direction, building in a place where you shouldn’t even stand.Look at the story of Colonel Sanders who wasted his life doing the wrong things until his retirement at age 65. It was at almost 70years that he started frying chicken which led to the birth of Kentucky fried chicken (KFC). He was destined to fry chicken but he wasted his life doing the wrong things and that is why no matter the effort he put into all of those things, none of them yielded anything.

No matter what you multiply with zero, you will end up in zero. No matter how hard you work at the wrong thing, you will still fail because you are in the wrong place and doing the wrong thing. Any effort, no matter how great, invested in the wrong thing will always end up in zero. That is why we need the direction of the Lord, to know what direction to move in, who to move with and when to move. Those who discovered their purpose early in life never wasted their time on things that will not take them anywhere. It is those who know where they are going that will arrive early.

Nobody sits in a cab and decides to go everywhere. You may drive for one year but you will not arrive anywhere because everywhere leads to nowhere. But when you know where you are going, it is just a matter of time you will surely get there. Those who don’t know where they are going in life will follow others to their own destination and it is only after you have gotten there that they realize that they are in the wrong place.

You need to be in the right place to experience the blessings and breakthrough of God. To experience the miracle of works and careers, you need to know the direction of your life and go there. God has planted your victory in the place where you are made to be. You cannot be a star in another man’s lane. Until you find your own direction, you will not stop struggling. That is how the Lord has ordained it to be.

This month we need to ask God to show us the way, the people, the purpose and plan for our lives. When you are in the wrong place, it is just like putting a square peg in a round hole. Putting a wrong key in a padlock may enter, but it will not open that door. Every door you want to be opened in your life has a key, when you discover that key, you will definitely open that door.

Direction is a line leading to a place or a point. Direction is the way to go.The bible says the steps of the good man are ordered by the LORD; and he delights in his way. God is not wicked; it is just us who don’t know the direction to go. Many today are questioning God as if He is mean or wicked to them. But they fail to recognize the direction God has ordained for them. God has purposed to lead us day and night to our destinies and if we can learn to follow his way, He will take us to a place where our efforts will be crowned with success; we will labor and enjoy its profits.

This is what we should be seeking the face of God for. We need to ask God to show us the direction and the next step concerning the business we are about to do.

What made Abraham enter into the rest of God was the fact that He was able to get direction from God and obey it. Ask yourself whether you are receiving he Lord’s directions and whether you are obeying it. Direction from God comes for our own advantage.

Like Abraham, many of us need to get away from our fathers’ house, we need to get away from that job opportunity, we need to get away from some relatives, and we may need to get away from certain societies and cultures. Abraham left his comfort zone of the place where God showed him. It is when we go to where God is showing us that is when we will see the blessings of greatness God has reserved for us.

Why did you choose the place you are working now, why did you choose your church, why did you choose the partner you are currently with? Is it according to the Lord’s direction? Many of us today are rushing to go abroad in search of greener pastures but we do not realize that it is not everyone that goes to America that succeeds. Ask yourself whether God is sending you there before you go there. When you go to the place where God sends you, he will bless you with abundant increase of favors and make your name famous and distinguished and you will be a blessing, dispensing good to others.

David said in the Psalms, “guide me in your truth and faithfulness and teach me for you are God”. Who is your teacher? Are you taught by the society, by latest trends, by friends or by family? Jesus said he will send us the Holy Spirit to teach us all things. Many of us today are being taught by our pride, and by the people’s expectation. But when the Lord teaches you what to do, your life will never be the same again.

No matter the opposition you face in the place God has called you; you will always succeed and break through. God will show you where the wealth, miracle and breakthrough is in the name of Jesus Christ. The bible says in Isaiah 48:17; “I am the Lord your God, who teaches you to profit, who leads you in the way that you should go”. God wants to teach someone here today how to make profit and how to succeed in your career. In this month God want to show us the direction that will lead us to success in whatever we do.

Ask the Lord to show you the way to your career, business and the work of your hands. It is not everything that looks good before man that is the will of God. If it is not of God it will end up leading to a disadvantage. Ask the Holy Spirit to teach you what to do concerning your job, career and life. The bible says there is a way that seems right to a man but the end is death. Don’t be led by your own desires, ask God to guide you and direct you.

Don’t conform to the desires of men. All the successful people in the world today are people who found their paths regardless of the opposition they faced from men. Until you find your path, it will be difficult for you to find blessings. Don’t go for what is trending, go rather for the will of God which supersedes them all. Don’t try to be like everyone else, you are unique. No matter the oppositions you face, you will always have the joy to move forward if you are working in your calling.

Your direction in life has nothing to do with what you studied in the university. When you discover what you are destined to do then you can get certified in it. Decide to find your God given path today. When you find that path, you won’t struggle to do it. You will flow. You will easily overcome struggles. When you are in a place where you are not called to be, you will not last there and the winds of obstacle will blow you away. If you are confused today, ask God and he will give you the wisdom you need.

Tell God that from today you will hear his voice guiding youto the right and the left. Tell God that you want to enjoy that beautiful relationship with Him, where he is the teacher and you are the student. Ask God to give you the grace to follow his direction like Abraham did. Direction is the key that unlocks miracles, wealth, businesses and life. Spend more time seeking direction from God about what to do and how to do it.

I decree and declare that your ears will be opened to hear God as he leads you and directs you.

I decree and declare that your eyes will be opened to see where God is leading you.

I speak that from henceforth you will not be blind and deaf concerning the will of God concerning your life. I speak that you will not be consumed with your own will to the neglect of the will of |god.

Receive the grace to walk in the will and direction of God.

Receive supernatural eyesight to see beyond the physical in the name of Jesus.




1] Grace to succeed in life; come upon me now through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

2] Lord God, lead me to where my labor will end in profit through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

3] Holy Ghost, lead me to people, places and works where you will bless me in the Name of Jesus Christ.

4] Lord God, give me ideas, directions and guidance to make profits in my work, business and career through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ.

5] Grace for Wisdom and sixth sense to run my life, business and career, come upon me now through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

6] Oh Lord show me the plan of the enemies concerning my work, business and career and let me always be ahead of them through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

7] Lord God, as you led Abraham to the place of comfort, success and fulfillment, lead me to my own place though this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

8] Grace to understand the deep secrets of my life, business and career; come upon me now through the Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

9] Open my spiritual eyes that I may see your plan for my life and my ears that I may hear your instruction concerning my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ

10] Grace to shine like a star and favor to excel in my entire endeavor, come upon me now through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

11] Direction for good health and divine protection in my life, come upon me today through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ

12] Lord God I thank you for your unusual grace, mercy and favor upon my life and work through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ



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