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 The month of May is our month of light in the darkness. Light is an electromagnetic wave perceived by the eyes that brings brightness and illumination. Many people join cults and fraternities because they seek illumination. They want to see beyond this natural/physical realm into the supernatural realms. Every activity in the physical realm is being recorded and a day is coming when the things we do even in the secret will be revealed. The natural or artificial light is the energy from the sun. In the beginning, God created the sun to rule the day and the moon to rule the night. As a result when its day, there is an energy released from the sun that causes darkness to flee. And when it is night, darkness takes over. The spiritual light which is of God exposes the things which are beyond the flesh.

There are two forces that fight over every man’s life; the force of light and the force of darkness. The light is a flame, a lamp that allows you to see things in the dark. Immediately the light comes, the darkness disappears and you can see what you are looking for. When the darkness in your life displaces the light, things will be upside down and very unsatisfying for you. When your life is flooded with darkness, you can barely see yourself talk less of other things/people. This darkness comes when the enemy puts off your light in the spirit realm. Darkness is mysterious in nature, it brings a sense of hopelessness, and darkness is evil. When your light is put off, your life is filled with misery. Darkness is the absence of light. Light and darkness cannot co-exist. Darkness causes blindness and obscurity. When spiritual darkness comes upon a man, everything in your life becomes blurry, miserable and you feel alone and as if God has forsaken you. Everybody around you forsakes you because in the dark you are not visible and you are easily forgotten.

A dark period is a period of unpleasantness and vulnerability in which the circumstances you are facing causes you to be frightened for your life. When you are in the dark, you are basically clueless because you don’t know anything anymore and you have lost control over your life. We don’t know how to handle some areas in our lives because the energy of darkness has taken over that area of our life. The only wayto overcome the darkness is by the illumination of the light of God.

A dark place is a place of concealment, a place where things are hidden. Sometimes the enemy can conceal certain areas of our lives and no matter the amount of effort we put into that area we are still left confused and in the dark. In this situation, the enemy rids you of understanding and blurs your memory and buries you in the darkness and closes your eyes and ears to the light of truth. When you are under the spell of darkness, youlack the knowledge and will powerto liberate yourself.

Every evil thing happens at night; in the dark. If your spirit has been clouded with light, you will never feel comfortable in the dark. Only children of darkness are very comfortable in darkness. Anyone practicing evil has the spirit of darkness living inside them and that is why they are never afraid of the dark. Darkness is associated with evil. Every form of evil has a connection with darkness and when you are possessed by darkness, you become evil. Spiritual darkness is something every Christian should pray against.

1saiah 60:1-3

Nothing shines in the darkness because it brings molestation, sickness,and fear. When you arise from your darkness, your life becomes radiant again. It is the light that causes you to overcome the depression and molestation of the enemy and have victory. The bible says Jesus is the light of the world. This means that everyone in the world was under darkness until Jesus came. This means that without Jesus there is no light. And when we accept Jesus, we give Him access to every aspect of our lives and those areas will reflect his light. The bible says nations shall come to your light and kings to the brightness of your rising. When you are in the light, you attract good people, kings,favors and opportunities.

Darkness affects our lives in the following ways:

  1. Job 12:25

When darkness comes upon your life, you begin to grope in the dark and wander like a drunken man. Darkness causes you to fumble and stagger in life. You can’t seem to make a right step in life, your way is not straight and you walk in a constant state of uncertainty. You live your life blindly, uncertainly and you are unsure of what you are doing in life. You start to do things you shouldn’t do, and even the things you do, you don’t do them well. This darkness causes your life to be slow because you can’t see clearly. You are not exactly stagnated, but you move very sluggishly and slowly. In this process, you might stumble and fall, you might miss your way/turn, and this makes your life very sluggish. Though you are making progress, you are doing so at a snail pace.

  1. Psalm 88:2

When you are in the dark, it would be difficult to see the hand of God in your life. The darkness stops you from seeing the wonders of God. It is a place where you forget the outside world and you are forgotten as well. You are not visible to any good thing in your life and it feels like even God has forgotten you.

  1. Psalm 91:6

When you walk in darkness you are at risk of getting pestilence/ canker. Thisevil stalks the darkness and thus you are at risk of getting social cankers. These pestilences are maligned influences that are difficult to get rid of. When you walk in darkness you become vulnerable to social cankers and addictive behaviors that are difficult to get rid of. Walking in darkness causes you to be confortable in sin and evil acts. It causes you to waste your time in things that don’t profit you and as a result you don’t’ have time for the important things. These cankers and social evils are difficult to get rid of because they have eaten deep into the fabric of your soul. If you are carrying light, you are immune to these pestilences and it is impossible for you to have these social cankers because you carry the light. Without the light, you attract these negative behavior and these evil habits die hard. When you walk in the dark, anything can happen to your destiny and it is easy for the devil to use you and manipulate you. The enemy will penetrate these dark areas of your life and destroy every good thing about you. Unless there is a crack in the wall evil cannot penetrate your life. Sometimes our partners are the ones that attract darkness to our lives. When your spouse is unfaithful to you, this opens up the door for the enemy to penetrate your lives and stalk you with darkness. Darkness is a spiritual and demonic force.

  1. Ecclesiastes 2:4

The bible says the fool walks in the dark. This means that darkness makes you foolish. Darkness causes you to act foolish, think foolish, talk foolish and live your life foolishly. Darkness is a place where you lack knowledge and this can cause you to behave foolishly. It makes you lack understanding and wisdom. When you see men who ought to be wise behaving irrationally, it is because they are walking in darkness. Sometimes when you see these behaviors don’t be angry or judge them, they need serious deliverance. Darkness is characterized with stupidity. It robs you of your senses and you act like one being manipulated. This is the reason why some men deny their families of good things and rather spend their monies on home wreckers. The reason why men would leave their wives and molest innocent little girls is because darkness has clouded their judgment.

  1. Colossians 1:13

The father has delivered us and drawn us to Himself out of the control and the dominion of darkness and has transferred us into the kingdom of the Son of His love. Darkness has a dominion. It has a controlling ability and that is why it makes you to do things you would otherwise not do. And this is why Jesus came to deliver us from this dominion of darkness. When darkness is controlling you, it blinds you and stops you from seeing the imminent destruction that lies ahead. Darkness controls your life and leads you away from any good thing in your life. Darkness is manipulating many people in our world today and when you look at their behaviors they are unexplainable. When you walk in the dark, you become invisible to your destiny helpers, good things and blessings. Darkness is dangerous. Curses and spells are all forms of darkness which prevents people from achieving their dreams. Darkness beats you flat on the ground.

This is why the bible says we should arise from the situation which the darkness has put us in. No matter how dark your situation is, there is hope for you.  I see the control of darkness being destroyed today. No matter how thick the darkness is, when light comes, the darkness automatically varnishes. Invoking the power of God upon your life overshadows darkness with the speed of light. I see you coming out of that darkness today in the name of Jesus. God wants us to rise up and shine and come out of the hold of darkness. The bible says the Lord shall arise over you and his glory shall be seen over you. And nations shall come to your rising and kings to the brightness of your rising

In the beginning the darkness was everywhere hovering. Darkness likes to occupy space but God gave a commandment that changed the situation. God said let there be light. (Genesis 1:1-3). God who said, Let light shine out of darkness has shone in our heart to give us the light of the knowledge of the knowledge of the glory of God through his son Jesus Christ. Darkness can no longer hold your life, finances, marriages, businesses and prosperity in the name of Jesus. From today, let there be light in your life in the name of Jesus Christ. I see the good things of life coming to you because you are in the light. Any area of your life where darkness has taken over, I see light shining upon it today in the name of Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 4:6)

I command any darkness that has taken over in your womb, body, marriage, health, finance and life; hear the word of God, disappear and let there be light in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray; let there be light in your soul, in your heart and in your spirit. Anywhere darkness is hiding i shine the light of God upon it in the name of Jesus Christ. Any darkness from the devil, witches, wizard, from your father/mothers house, receive the light of God and disappear in the name of Jesus Christ.

As God commanded the light we also have the power to command the light. I entreat you to command light over your marriage, business, and career now in the name of Jesus Christ. Any area of your life that you feel is in darkness; command the light of God to flood that area of your life now in the name of Jesus Christ.I release the light of God into every area of your life where darkness has taken dominion of; I command that you to arise and shine for your light has come in the name of Jesus.



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