Message 10


Today I just want to admonish us on our works and career. One of the tools the enemy would use to cause us to fail will be related to money and finances. The bible laid emphasis when it said wisdom is the principal thing and we should get it. Without wisdom your vision cannot take off. Foolishness can destroy the greatness God has deposited inside you, truncate your destiny and destroy a beautiful future. All the devil seeks is for you to use your hand to destroy the greatness God has put inside you.

The world has been structured in such a way that you need a legal tender as a means of exchange. In a community, you cannot just take anything. The world has evolved to the point that the things that God created free are being dominated by people because of power and influence. We started with trade by barter and now we have legal tenders, each peculiar to its country of origin. Now we have to suffer to get the money or legal tender used in this world. And in the struggle to get money, many are back sliding and losing their Christianity because of it. Money has become such an important thing that even the bible recognizes it. The world is in control of money, the central bank of the world and a few families in the world are controlling the finance systems today. Money is the key in the game of power and manipulation. Money has become so important that even the bible recognizes that money answers all things.

Christianity without money will make you hopeless. Many want to be in church today but they don’t have the money to come. Money even affects the way you worship your God. The devil has structured it in such a way that even if you will not fall for idolatry, fornication, and other sins, you will definitely fall for money. When it comes to money, many people out there have no iota of integrity. Many governments are betraying their people because of money. They are making decisions that will only profit their pockets. Many companies are manufacturingfake or a lower grade of drugs and selling to people instead of the actual drug. And the systems put in place to check these irregularities are also looking away because of money. Christians need to look into the issue of money because satan is using it to cause many to lose focus.

The bible says though we are in the world, we are not of the world and so our reasoning, perception and way of getting money should not be of the world. Many today are ready to defraud their fathers just for money. I’ve seen a case where husbands set their wives up and vice versa because of money. Even our lord Jesus Christ was betrayed because of money. Gehazi who would have succeeded Prophet Elisha lost it because of money. If anyone tells you that money is not important then the person is deceiving you.

But how do we get this money as Christians without selling our integrity? This is where the grace of God comes in. If you need a phone and you have money, you won’t need to pray about it. If we had money, we wouldn’t pray 70% of the prayers we are praying today. Money is a voice and when it calls out, people and things respond. Money gives you friends and lovers. I have seen many Christians stain their garments all because of money. The pressures get so much that after fasting, praying and a while of waiting, they finally cave in and give in to the demands of the world. Your job is your means of livelihood and anyone that tampers with it tampers with your life. When you don’t have a job, it definitely affects the quality of life you live. It is either you work or you turn to a fine beggar and in the process of begging, you become a liar. That is the extent to which the pursuit of money can take you.

But the bible says the blessings of the Lord makes rich and adds no sorrow. Psalm 1:3 says “And he shall be like a tree firmly planted and tended by the streams of water, ready to bring forth its fruit in its season; its leaf also shall not fade or wither; and everything he does shall prosper and come to maturity”. When the grace of God falls upon the works of our hands, we shall surely prosper. Our lives must reflect the glory of God so that we can have a voice to tell others. There is an adage that says “If a man promises to buy you clothes, you will first of all look at the clothes they are wearing”. We must stop letting people point fingers to the God that we serve. Don’t let people look at your life and because of it they don’t want to be Christians.

Let your life motivate people to come to your God. There are many people who have good messages but they have the wrong packaging. When the message of Christ is preached with money, it becomes very attractive. When people look at your life would they want your Jesus? The late Miles Munroe said in order to win souls; they’d have dinner in their home and invite people to feast with them. And during this dinner they’d have general conversation until one of the guestsasks a question pertaining to God and he will use the opportunity to preach Christ. Prosperity is our portion, because it is God who created the heavens, earth and everything in it. We need to take our jobs to God to bless whatever we touch and do so that it will prosper.

There is greatness in every human being and the only way the enemy prevents us from succeeding is by attacking our works. If the devil allowed your business to go the way it should, you will get to a stage where sin vanishes from your life. It is when you have money that you will not lie, steal, or covet things that belong to others. Poverty brings unnecessary lies, rudeness, and anger. Anyone not living a good life is always on the edge, frustrated and will insult you even when they don’t intend to. They will fight over insignificant amounts of money because of the situation they are facing. I pray for someone today that money will be available for you today.Your troubles/sins reduce when you have money available to use. There are natural lies that come with lack of money. The devil is pushing many to sin because of circumstances. I pray God will have mercy on us. The enemy is constantly fighting our jobs so that we will constantly be in financial darkness.

This oil of Grace is so that light will shine upon every area of darkness in our finances, business and work. When you are working in the light, you are able to manage things properly, you will see clearly and know what to do and what not to do. When the enemy casts darkness upon our works, we grope around confused and uncertain. Success comes when ability meets with opportunity. Many of us know how to do certain things very well but we have no opportunities because we are operating in the dark. The darkness doesn’t allow people to even see us talk less of giving us the platform we need to succeed.

David was killing bears and lions in the bush but nobody noticed because he was still hidden. While in the bush, David mastered the art of throwing the sling. God will only use your ability to promote you and lead you to success. Throwing of the sling is synonymous with shooting the arrow. David had been practicing but he had no opportunity until he met Goliath. If we had gotten the right opportunities, we wouldn’t be where we are today. There are designers working for presidents not because they are more skillful than others but because they had the right opportunity. When the light of God comes upon your work, it causes you to be discovered. Many are still in the dark, they see no one and no one sees them though they are very skilled. Success is not hinged on the skill alone but on the opportunity as well. Some are good managing directors but they have no opportunity to manage anything. What the devil does is to release darkness upon people so that they will not be noticed.

Isaiah 60:1-3

Arise from the depression and prostration in which circumstances have kept you…rise to a new life. Shine, be radiant with the glory of the Lord, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. The light that will reveal you to the rest of the world has come. The bible says the light shines in darkness and the darkness cannot comprehend it. God will release his light upon the works of your hands and whatever you do will prosper. God will reveal to the world what you are capable of doing from today. The bible says that darkness shall cover the earth and dense darkness all people but the glory of the Lord will arise upon us and nations shall come to our light and kings to the brightness of our rising. It is when God shines light on you that nations will patronize you. The more you work, the more money you make but when you have no work, you will have no money. The difference depends on whether you are operating in the light or in the darkness. When the light of God shines upon you, you will marvel at the number of opportunities that will come your way.

Everyone has the potential to be great but the problem is that everyone doesn’t have equal opportunities. So many skilled people today are still in the dark. Matthew 5:14 says: Weare the light of the world. We are a city set on a hill and we cannot be hidden. You are the light of the Lord and whatever you do; God will attract people to patronize you. Every great person you see today was given an opportunity to show what they can do. So many people today have talents that need to be made known to the world. You need to be discovered and that opportunity is coming your way in the name of Jesus.

Numbers 23:23 The bible says no more shall there be any enchantment with or against you neither will there be any divination against you. In due season, people will begin to gather to see what God has done in your life. In the bible, the Israelites were prospering and the king of Moab invited Balaam to curse the people of Israel because they were too powerful. The enemy knows the works of your hands are too powerful and that is why he has cast a spell of darkness over you. But today we are going to pray and release the spirit of light over our works and career and the enemy will no more have the power to prevail over us. God is about to change your story. (Numbers 22:1-41)

2Kings 2:19-23

I know things are not rosy with many people here today. Some are in good professions but the situation is bad. Our situations are similar the situation of the children of Israel in the time of Prophet Elisha. The water of the land which was supposed to be refreshing to the people was rather bitter but by the Prophet Elisha, the spring of water was purified and God healed the water and itno longer caused death or barrenness to the people. Today God has sent me so that through this Oil of Grace, the works of our hands will be healed there shall be no more barrenness in our works and career. Whenever we use the Oil of Grace, no situation shall be difficult for us in our businesses. As you use this Oil of Grace, there will be no miscarriage of destiny, success, breakthrough and joy in your life. By this Oil of Grace, light will come upon your job and all darkness will be dispelled in the name of Jesus. As you apply the oil of Grace, the light of God will shine upon your destiny in the name of Jesus Christ.


  1. Oil of Grace, come upon me and change the story of my work and finances in this month of June in the Name of Jesus Christ
  2. Grace of God, let your light shine in any area of my work, business and career that has been covered with darkness in the Name of Jesus Christ
  3. Grace of God, cause your light to reveal my work, business and career to those that matter to me in the Name of Jesus Christ
  4. Any darkness sitting on my work, business and career, oh Lord cast your light upon it through the Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ
  5. Any darkness sitting on my finances, favor, mercy and grace, oh Lord cast your light upon it through the Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ
  6. Light of God, shine upon my work, business and career and cause those that matter to locate me now through the Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ
  7. Any spell of darkness upon my work, business, career and finances, Mighty God cast your light against it through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ
  8. Light of God, cast out every spell of darkness in my health assigned to affect my work through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ
  9. Any darkness hiding my talents, works, business and career from being seen by those that matter to me, light of God overshadow it now through the Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ
  10. Oil of Grace, smooth my path to success, abundance, breakthrough and financial favor in the Name of Jesus Christ
  11. Light of God, deliver me from any form of darkness in my life, finances and work through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  12. Lord God, I thank you for the continuous flow of grace, favor and mercy in my work, business and career through this Oil of Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ




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