Message 11


Sickness doesn’t affect the body alone. It is possible for the 3 dimensions of a human being to fall sick, that is the spirit soul and body. You can be sick in your soul, and you can be sick in your spirit as well. We need to understand clearly that the will of God is that we will have total healing; healing in our body, soul and spirit. The scriptures say, I pray that you may prosper in every way and that your body may keep well, even as I know your soul keeps well and prospers. God designed us to be well and in good health (3John 1:2).

In Genesis 1 God made everything that humans would need to live a healthy life. God desires that we would use all the vast resources on this planet for our lives. He created the sun and moon, to give us light. He knows that without light humans will shut down and be depressed. That is why the greatest form of torture is isolated incarceration. God is a perfect architect. He knows we need a perfect balance between day and night, this light and darkness and that is why He created the night and day. Without this perfect rhythm, humans will be damaged in no time. God knew we would need water and vegetation and fishes and other animals. He knows the formation and constitution of humanity and he created everything we would ever need before he finally made us. Thus humans must understand that we are not synthetic beings. We were created from the natural (the earth/soil) and thus to maintain perfect health, we need to get closer to nature (soil, sun, plants, herbs) to tap from their great resources. In a bid to live a synthetic life, humans are suffering from lots of different ailments.

Man has invented a lot of things that are not good for our healtheven though they make life confortable. We cannot abuse the laws of nature and expect to have total healing or live in perfect health. The bible says He that breaks an edge, a serpent will bite (Ecclesiastes 10:8b). We can’t expect God to do for us by miracle what we have the responsibility to do. God will always play His part; it’s left for us to play our part as well. Many doctors today are using clay in natural healing process. They have discovered the importance of this clay from which we were formed. We need to go back to all things pertaining to nature. God cannot be wrong.

We need to do thing with caution so that we will not end up causing trouble for our bodies. Any attempt to replace the natural order of the things God created, will always end in sickness and death. We may not see the signs of these diseases immediately but they will accumulate and manifest in our older age. If we don’t help ourselves, how will God help us? God gave us naturally sweet fruits but instead we consume absurd amounts of sugar and artificial sweeteners. These things will eventually build up and manifest as diverse kinds of diseases.

God designed us to be well and to live in good health, though natural wear and tear may set in with age. Our bodies work like machines and we require regular check-ups and maintenance. Don’t wait till your body starts complaining before you do a check-up. I pray that death will not take us before our time.

Many of us have been designed to live long lives but we destroy our bodies before our time. It is our responsibility to take care of the container that contains the content (human spirit). When you destroy your body, your spirit will go back to God. No matter how anointed you are, if you don’t take care of your body, it will break down and die, and your spirit will have to return to its maker. Your body goes through natural wear and tear so take good care of your body.

To keep your body functioning all the time, you need to monitor it to avoid unnecessary sicknesses and diseases. The normal heart beat per minute is 60-100bpm. If your heart beats this much in a minute and it beats every minute of your life, don’t you think that you should study a bit about the heart and know how to take care of it? Many of us today are digging our graves with our mouths. We are eating fatty foods that will end up destroying our hearts because of ignorance and greed.

God designed everything in our bodies to perform a certain function but if we destroy or remove these parts we may end up damaging our bodies. We eat food late and yet when we suffer from indigestions or any other related disease; we call the pastor to pray for us. Some of these problems could have been prevented. It is important to understand the organs in our bodies and how God has created them to function. If you don’t understand the purpose of a thing, abuse is inevitable.

Christians are dying too much because they neglect their bodies. Some Christians today preach that it is a sin to drink alcohol but I tell you, it is healthier to drink a glass of wine a day than to drink 5 liters of coca cola every day. The amount of sugar in fizzy drinks is quite unbelievable. Most of the packed fruit juices contain so much preservative that are unhealthy. We are damaging our bodies with the things we eat and drink. The bible says the body is the temple of God and yet we are making God share his temple with diabetes and other diseases.

When the enemy afflicts you with sicknesses, that situation requires spiritual help. Aside this, many of the sicknesses we experience are self-inflicted. Everyone will experience sickness in one form or the other in our lifetime. But many of these sicknesses are avoidable. Some of us have holier than thou attitudes and we claim we cannot be sick. Because of this, we don’t check the way we live, we don’t go for regular check-ups, we don’t take medications and by so doing we are condemning ourselves to illnesses. Let us not deceive ourselves. Sicknesses and diseases are not a taboo. Even if we do everything right, natural wear and tear will definitely set in with time. A time will come when we have to take care of our bones, muscles, skin, hair, vitamins and other things because the body can no longer take care of itself. If your body needs medical attention, go for it and don’t die in ignorance.

We need to know the causes of certain sicknesses so that we can avoid them. Don’t die of ignorance.


God in his word showed us people who were sick so that we will know that it is possible to be sick. One of such people is

A). Timothy

He had a recurring illness of the stomach and as a result Apostle Paul admonished him saying; “drink water no longer exclusively, but use a little wine for the sake of your stomach and your frequent illnesses”. (1timothy 5:23) Paul knew that this was a physical ailment and it required a physical solution. If this was spiritual, I believe Apostle Paul would have casted the demon out.

B.) Prophet Elisha

In 2Kings 13:14, we noticed that Prophet of Elisha was sick and he died of that same illness. The only way you will not be sick is when you obey the Bible and take care of your body as the bible has instructed us to.

C). Apostle Paul

Even the great Apostle Paul had ailments (Galatians 4:13-14). It is possible to be sick. Stop believing that it is impossible for a Christian to be sick. Many of us don’t believe in medicine, but some sicknesses are physical and thus require physical remedies.

We need to stop the erroneous interpretation of the word of God. Many are deceived, confused and under bondage as a result of wrongful interpretation of the Word. Many of us are addicted to our local interpretation of the Word of God by some of the men of God that we have. We need to test the spirits before we gobble everything people tell us. I pray that God will deliver us from the spirit of error. I come from a radical background and I was trained to challenge certain mindsets and ideologies. I pray that God will deliver us from deception.



There are two major causes of sicknesses


What you eat what you drink and what you do (lifestyle); can be a major cause of sickness. Our lifestyle includes the things we do and how we do them. So many men of God fall sick because of sheer fatigue. Our sleep cycle is so important to our health and some of our lifestyle deprives us of the much needed sleep for rejuvenation. Many of us can invest large sums of money to service our cars and yet we can’t invest money to service our health. We don’t treat our bodies with priority. We overwork ourselves and we ignore the body when it complains. Many of us chase money so much and we don’t care that we are overworking the body. When your body eventually breaks down then we are forced to take a rest. We subject our bodies to so much ill treatment and yet we are surprised when we fall sick. Some of us are addicted to junk foods and we refuse to exercise our bodies. All of these things take its toll on our bodies.


The devil can afflict you with sicknesses and diseases. When the source of the sickness and affliction is from the devil, God has given us the authority to cast the demons of sickness out of our bodies in the Name of Jesus.  In the scriptures, we read that Apostle Peter’s mother-in-law was sick with a great fever. And Jesus rebuked the fever and it immediately left her (Luke 4:38-40).

God can also allow sicknesses and affliction to also attack people when they are disobedient and evil. We read in the bible how God afflicted the Egyptians with sicknesses because Pharaoh refused to let the Israelites go.

Some sicknesses also come as a result of sin and this is why the scriptures say: “Is any sick among you, let him call for the elders of the church and let them pray over him….and if he have committed sins, they shall be forgiven him.” (James 5:14-16). Sicknesses that have spiritual origin or causes have spiritual cures and remedies. A prayer of faith is enough to cure such diseases.



  1. God please help me to maintain and take care of my health in the name of Jesus Christ
  2. Father please open my eye to see any bad lifestyle that is detrimental to my health
  3. Father help me to overcome evil appetite for things that will damage my body and organs
  4. Father, please don’t allow the enemy to use my mouth against me in the name of Jesus.
  5. Oh Lord please give me wisdom for living, wisdom to take care of my health in the name of Jesus Christ
  6. Heavenly father, please give me the spirit of self-control today in the name of Jesus Christ.



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