Message 12


This month we are discussing total healing/health. We cannot do anything in life without good health and that is why we should take our health seriously as children of God. If you don’t co-operate with God, there is a limit to what He can do in your life. Similarly there is little the devil can do to you if you disagree with him.The bible clearly says can two walk together unless they agree? (Amos 3:3)God has a role to play in our total health and so do we.The two must work together for a successful healthy living. If our bodies are completely damaged, our spirit and souls will return to God. To continue to function and live on earth, we need to be highly aware of our bodies and protect it.

There are 2 major ways a person can be sick. The first one is by spiritual causes (attack, affliction or consequence) and secondly by man-made causes (self-damage, the product of our lifestyle choices). For some people, the sicknesses they have were inherited from their parents. Sometimes the lifestyle of the mother during pregnancy can affect the health of unborn babies. Everything God makes is perfect and if there is any damage then it is man-made (both self-created and inherited). Therefore don’t make errors today that will damage your future and that of your unborn children. What many fail to realize is that sickness doesn’t manifest the same day you get it. It takes time to cultivate and mature before you start exhibiting symptoms of it. Thus it is very important to wisely take care of our bodies daily.

Good health is the most priceless possession we have in this life. If you are confined to a sick bed, you would be willing to trade everything you possess for your health. No matter how tough you are, sickness makes you very vulnerable. We know that there is physical health and spiritual health. When your body (immune system) is weak, you become vulnerable to sicknesses. Similarly when you are spiritually weak, you become vulnerable to demons and their cohorts. It is our responsibilities to play our part to maintain the good health God has given us.



Our bodies are different and operate uniquely. It is important that we understand our individual bodies and know how to respond to it and protect it from inherent attacks. Regardless of the gift of divine health, we also have a role to play in our total health. We need to know and understand the individual components of our bodies and how to maintain them. When you buy a car, you understand the components and their functions and that is why you constantly check your brake fluid, engine oil, and water content in order to prevent your car from malfunctioning. This same principle goes for our bodies. Sadly, many of us understand our cars more than we understand our bodies. It is this ignorance that makes us victims to the demonic attacks on our health. I encourage you to acquire some basic knowledge about your body; don’t be destroyed by your lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).


Water is a major component in our body comprising of 60% in the male and 55% in the femaleadult body and if we don’t maintain this water level, we will be putting ourselves at risk. The brain and heart are 73% water, Lungs 83% water, Skin 64% water, Kidney and muscles are 79% water and even our Bones are 31% water. The best way to maintain a completely healthy body is by regularly drinking water. The body needs a minimum of 3 or 2.2 liters of water per day for males and females respectively, to maintain good health.

Prayer is not a replacement for doing what is right. You cannot cheat nature. Prophets/healers die and so do doctors. Possessing the information is not enough. It is the rightful application of the information that produces results. This is why I constantly advice people who do long fasting to always drink water. Many people do dry fasting without food and water and end up incurring health problems for themselves. There is nowhere in the bible that says you shall fast without water for such long periods. Fasting is much more than abstinence from food and water.

In Ezekiel 4:11, God instructs the prophet to drink water from time to time. People of God drinking water is a key to a healthy body and appearance (Daniel 1:12) because water is necessary for survival. It performs a lot of functions such as regulating your temperature,assists in nutrient transport and waste removal. It lubricates joints and forms our saliva. It acts as a shock absorber for the brain, spinal cord and fetus. It moistens tissues in the mouth, eyes and nose and it keeps us hydrated.  Drink water daily for optimal health.


Can you hear your body when it speaks? Psalm 32:8,

God gave us the Holy Spirit to teach us the way we should go and to counsel us in all things (John 14:26). The Scriptures say we will hear a voice in our ears saying this is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right hand sand when you turn to the left (Isaiah 30:21). Our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit and thus He speaks to us through our bodies. We sabotage ourselves when we do not listen to our bodies. Many of us have developed spiritual deafness to our bodies. Sometimes before we eat something or drink something, our body gives us a notice that what we are about to eat will disturb us but we ignore this warning and still go ahead and do as we please.

Before any incidence happens in our bodies, our bodies speak to us and warn us. When we learn to listen, we will save ourselves from a lot of sicknesses. Don’t allow the devil deceive you into destroying yourself. Always take note of the warning signs. Before your body shuts down it will always give you a warning sign. When a foreign item is introduced into the body, the body will always reacts. When your body feels any pressure, it always protests and when we ignore it, we always pay the price. The price of sickness is always higher than we imagine and in some cases, we might have irreparable damages.

The damage some of our habits cause will remain with us till the end of our lives. Sicknesses like hypertension and diabetes have no cure and they require life time management. These sicknesses are avoidable. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore let us apply our minds to wisdom. Our bodies cannot remain the same forever; natural wear and tear sets in with time so watch what you do today because it will surely have consequences in the future.

Don’t force the body to engage in what it is not ready to engage in. Be sensitive to your body and don’t die a foolish death. The Holy Spirit will help you to avoid certain things in our bodies if only we listen to him. Learn to respect your body. When you are tired, rest and don’t force your body to overstress itself. Let’s be considerate and respect the body of others too. When you try to feed your child and they reject a particular food, don’t force them. 


Mindful eating and drinking will save you from a lot of harm. Before eating or drinking, ask yourself if it will help or harm you. We need to learn self-control and respect our body limits. In a bid to enjoy life many have doomed their health. Many people know their limits and yet they drink beyond those limits. Don’t be greedy. Many people who go for buffets overeat because food is available. Regardless of the availability of food or drink, know your limits and stick to them. Eat and drink with discretion.

If you eat what you like (sweet things) all the time, very soon you will develop health problems. Your taste buds adjust quickly so re-train yourself. Consciously develop a healthy appetite and you will do yourself a lot of good.Recheck your menu and get healthier options. Determine to live long. Fizzy drinks are unhealthy, get rid of them. A glass of wine a day is healthier than 5 bottles of beer. Opt for foods that are natural and limit your intake of processed ones. Cultivate the habit of eating vegetables, fruits and using herbs. These are the secrets of my youthful existence.


If you don’t feel good about anything, follow your intuition. Don’t give room to the spirit of excessiveness. Don’t force yourself to do anything that disagrees with your body. Once you hear a voice stopping you please listen. Don’t overexert yourself. Self-control is a fruit of the Holy Spirit. It helps you to be discipline in the things you do with your body. The Holy Spirit can show you what your body needs, without a doctor’s help. When you listen to Him always, you will be discipline and you will protect your body from harm.



Dear father, please give me the wisdom I need to live a good healthy life.

Dear Lord, please show me what to do for a healthier body in the name of Jesus



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