Message 15


 All efforts plus grace equals to great success but when grace is taken away, it leads to frustration. Everyone who has succeeded in life has an element of God in it even if the person is an unbeliever. It is God who blesses. God made a covenant to bless Ishmael as he did withIsaac as well. Even unbelievers who prosper might be operating in a grace that they didn’t qualify for but someone somewhere might have even labored for the grace they might be enjoying. Success has nothing to do with salvation. You cannot question God. Silver and gold belongs to God. It is impossible to have what belongs to God without his consent. God has laid down certain principles for wealth and who so ever practices those principles will succeed in life. God honors his principles and thus he will not fail those who honor them. If God has promised, He will surely fulfill that which He has promised.

Today we are looking at the promise of God to us, to make a way where there seems to be no way. What separates the poor from the rich is opportunity. If someone from the ghetto today has an opportunity, tomorrow you might not recognize that person. If you ask all successful people today, the secret of their success was an opportunity. When God gives you the grace of an opportunity, you don’t need to struggle but rather He will create the right platform for you to excel in life.  Your ability or talent is not enough to succeed. If you don’t have right opportunity to exhibit your ability, you will not excel in life. It is the Grace of God that creates opportunities. Today we will be looking at the Grace for Great opportunities.

Opportunity is the differentiating factor between those who are making it today and those who are struggling. Everybody can become somebody if they have the right opportunity in life. Success doesn’t know color, size, religion, tribe or nationality rather success is a fruit of opportunity. This opportunity only comes by God’s grace. Opportunity leads to increment, joy, favor and abundance.

Success is not equal to hard work. All efforts minus grace will always lead to frustration. Our prayer from today should be that God should give us the right opportunity. Opportunity causes you to be at the right place, at the right time and with the right people. In this half of the year the grace for opportunity will locate you in the name of Jesus. The Oil of Grace of today is creating a platform of opportunity for you from today.

Opportunity is an advantageous situation. It is a chance or an occasion to do something, or a good chance for advancement or progress. No matter where you want to get to in life, all you need is just one good chance. One good chance will change the entire course of your life for the better. I pray that good opportunities will locate you in the name of Jesus. All you need is a great opportunity to guarantee your success in whatever field you are working. Or else you may be the best but without the right opportunities, you will remain where you are.



  1. MOSES

Romans 9:15-16: God said to Moses, I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion. So then (God’s gift) is not a question of human will and human effort, but of God’s mercy. (AMP) It is the Lord that promotes and changes the course of a man’s life. When you pray for prosperity or increase, God answers by creating opportunities for you.There were several righteous and eloquent priests in the land and yet God chose Moses, a murderer and a stammerer to be the leader of His people.

He was a shepherd when he saw God in the burning bush. Your background is irrelevant when God wants to locate you and choose you. God’s opportunities cannot be limited by location or profession. He will do what he wants to do with His gifts and opportunities and He will bestow them upon whomever He chooses.


The children of Israel went on a mission to bring the ark of God back to Jerusalem, about 30,000 of them. King David and all the house of Israel played before the Lord and danced as they escorted the ark of the Lord. But the oxen carrying the ark stumbled and Uzzah put forth his hand to stop it. But God smote him and he died there. The king was grieved and he was afraid of the Ark of God and instead of taking it into the city he rather put it in the House of Obededom the Gittite. The ark of the Lord remained with Obededom for 3 months and God prospered and blessed the house of Obededom. (2Samuel 6:1-12)

The same thing that killed another man was an opportunity for another to prosper. The ark was rejected and dumped in Obededom’s house and it was abandoned. But what they meant for evil, the Lord meant for good. It became a source of blessing to him and all that were connected to him. I pray that God will bring you an opportunity for blessings in the name of Jesus Christ. Wherever you are, God will locate you with a great opportunity. You will not need to hustle for it but it will locate you effortlessly in the name of Jesus Christ.


There was an owner of an estate that went to hire workers for his vineyard. At 6am he found some and gathered them, he agreed to pay them one denarius for the day. At 9am, he also went out and found some and agreed to pay them whatever was right. At 12noon, he also went out and saw laborers whom no one had hired and also sent them to his farm to work. He went out again at 3pm and did the same.

 At about 5pm (the eleventh hour) he also went out and saw some people standing around. He also hired them, promising to pay them what was fair. At 6pm, the end of the working day, they were all paid the same wage starting with the last to the first. What took others 12 hours to achieve was achieved in 1 hour by others. Those who had worked for 12 hours were expecting to earn more but they weren’t the ones to determine the distribution of wages. It was already predetermined by the big boss. They grumbled because others worked and faced the heat for just 1 hour while they worked for 12hours.

When God wants to compensate you, there will be people who will complain and grumble. Don’t be jealous of those who have gone ahead of you, God can cause you to overtake all in just a day, a month or a year. In response to their complaint, the boss reminded them that there was no injustice done. He said “Am I not permitted to do what I choose with what is mine?” Those who are last will be first and those are first will be last for many are called but few are chose. (Matthew 20:1-16)

I am really proud of the last set of people, though they hadn’t been hired since morning, they didn’t give up and go home but they still had faith and were waiting expectantly and believing that though they had one hour left, someone would give them an opportunity. I love this ‘never give up’ mentality. No matter how late it may be in life a great opportunity can still locate you. God is the owner of wealth and he chooses who He will bless and favor. Don’t give up, don’t worry, don’t jealous others because God will have mercy upon whom he chooses to have mercy. This oil of Grace will cause you to be located and chosen for great opportunities in the name of Jesus. An eleventh hour opportunity is coming your way in the name of Jesus Christ.



  • Oil of Grace, fall upon me and cause me to enjoy uncommon favor and mercy in my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Diverse opportunities to breakthrough in my work, business and career, come upon me now through the Grace of God in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, lead me to great opportunities that will change the story of my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  • Grace of God, locate me and single me out for diverse opportunities that will open doors of breakthrough for me in my work and business in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  • Grace of God, position me for great financial opportunities in this month in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, cause opportunities for success to locate my work and business in this month in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, position me at the right place with the right people at the right time for great opportunities for uncommon breakthrough in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, heal my hands and cause everything I touch to prosper in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, give me perfect health to enjoy the works of my hands and my success in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, establish me in this 2018 in my dreams and visions so that Your Name will be glorified in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Grace of God, give me success that will surpass all my previous success in work and career in the Name of Jesus Christ
  • Oil of Grace, do not cease to flow in my life, work and finances in the Name of Jesus Christ



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