Message 17


This month we are looking at positive decisions. It is God’s desire that we make positive decisions that will glorify His name. It is important to know the mind of God concerning your life so that your decisions will be based on it. God knows it all, He sees your end from your beginning, and it is important that we see things from His perspective because that is the true reflection of the situation. God’s decision may not be popular with men; don’t go after the vote of men, but rather go after the vote of God.

Men’s opinion might not be relevant to what God is doing in your life. If what a man is saying is contrary to what God is saying to you, I plead with you, irrespective of who is speaking, ignore them and focus on God. Men can only see in part but God sees the whole picture. Men make mistakes but God is infallible, He never makes mistakes and He never lies. God’s word and opinion is the truth and the truth will always prevail over every other thing. Therefore let your decision be founded on the One who is the Truth.

You need to be very decisive in life. It takes courage to make a vitaldecision. This is because every decision has a cost and whether we like it or not we must pay the price for the decisions that we have made. The fact that the decision is good doesn’t mean that it may not come with pain, tears and sorrow. But at the end of the day, the good decision will always pay off. That is why it takes a man of courage, character and integrity to take such a decision. Many today are cowards; they deny the truth because of their selfish motives and gain. They may want to be in the good books of man and thus might compromise on the truth.

The bible says woe unto you if all men speak well of you. Good decisions are definitely not popular with thepublic and they require courage to stand in the face of opposition. Many today grow in age and not in courage. Many don’t know what they want for their lives. If you don’t know what you want for your life, then you are on your way to failure. God knows the thoughts and plans he has for our lives. It is our duty to find out what this plan is and ensure that all our decisions are tailored to achieving it no matter who may disagree with you. 

Good decisions are not made by weak men or cowards. It takes courage to say what God wants you to say, and do what He wants you to do. How many of us are ready to go through the fire for the sake of God’s purpose. Like the 3 Hebrew Men (Daniel 3:16-26), are we ready to stand for God even when the whole nation does otherwise? Are we ready to place our lives on the line for God?

Make a choice to seek the truth before taking any decision. Every decision you take must be an informed one. Don’t play games with people be as real and truthful as you can possibly be and stand for what is right. Every good decision requires courage. There is a saying that if you don’t take a decision, then people, circumstances, and life will decide for you. Your life is not yours and thus if you want your life to stand, then your decision needs to be founded on the truth of God’s word.

As long as your decision is backed up by God, never be afraid to take it. If people advice you outside of God’s truth, you are not compelled to itbecause when it fails the responsibilities falls on your shoulder. As believers it is important that we make decision without unnecessary delay. Don’t stay too long on an issue, be decisive. If you don’t take your decisions in time, you may lose the following your life.

  1. The relevance of the decision at the particular point in your life.

When you waste too much time, you might miss what God is doing in your life at the time. You will suffer loss as a result of unusual delay. Don’t allow indecision to rob you of your God-given opportunities.

  1. You may be punished for it.

There are some situations where God has said go and you are still sitting. He may be saying break off an association and you are still hanging on. Your indecision can amount to disobedience and result in the wrath of God upon you. If you decide to live for others, your life will not go well. Decide to live for God and for Him alone. This causes you to live in the perfect will of God and not in His permissive of God.

  1. You may be substituted by God for another person

When you are hesitant to do something that God has asked you to do, God may raise someone else to do that particular thing. Don’t assume because God is using you, that you are the only one. God has others that He is willing to use for His glory. God will not hesitate to do transfer his anointing to another person if you delayor disappoint Him.

  1. You may become mediocre

Mediocrity is simply a middle or average quality. It is neither the best nor the worst. Delaying important decisions in your life will make you to live an average life rather than an exceptional one. If you don’t take the decision that God wants you to make, you will just be ordinary. Don’tentertain mediocrity. Be honest to yourself and to others and don’t play games with your life or theirs.


  1. You cannot please the Lord (James 1:6-8)

Any man who cannot make up his mind, or who wavers and doubts is unstable and unreliable and uncertain about everything he thinks, feels, and decides. This man should not imagine that he will receive anything he asks from the Lord. An indecisive person is like the waves of the sea.

Be like Job (Job 1 and 2) who decided not to lose his integrity despite all that happened to him. Many today are only following God because of His blessings upon their lives. But when these things are taken away, what happens next? Some people back slide because of money. Money has the ability to corrupt one’s integrity. Don’t allow money to dictate your destiny or ruin your life. Be honest; fulfill your promise to others. Decide how you will handle money related matters and don’t allow it to ruin your Christianity.

Look at the case of Gehazi who would have inherited the portion of anointing that was on the life of Prophet Elisha but his lack of integrity made him lose it all (2Kings 5:20-27). Decide to have integrity no matter what. Decide today that money will not bring you down. The choice is yours to make.

Ananias and his wife lost their lives because they decided to cheat and lie to the man of God (Acts 5:1-11). Their lack of integrity cost them everything. Decide to honor your agreement to others. Don’t allow money to dictate to you or control. You may outsmart man, but God is watching you and you can’t outsmart him. There are some obstacles that present themselves as opportunity and so we must learn how to tell the difference and chose accordingly. Life may not be easy but in the midst of difficulty, raise the banner of God high. Don’t allow your behavior to cause others to mock God.

The church is supposed to uphold the integrity in our world today. Don’t be a crook in the church. Decide to make integrity a priority. Speak the truth and don’t corrupt yourself. Many people who go to church on Sundays are the ones that perpetrate evil on Monday. Decide to be different and stand out for God. Let God be proud of your choices. Choose to be different. Make up your mindto never soil your hands. It is not easy to go through hardship and difficulties but make a decision to never give up because there is hope for you.

There are some here who have decisions they have left hanging, and it is time to take those decisions today. Some prayers we are praying are useless when all you need is a decision. There are some behaviors that we need to shut down. Make up your mind to make a conscious change. All you got to do is decide to let go of certain attitudes that have put you in trouble. How long will you be a slave to the devil and his antics? Decide to stop certain things, decide to serve God, and decide to leave a good legacy. Though it may be difficult, decide to make a change. Ask God to give you the grace to make that decision.



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