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Where you are in life is as a result of the decisions you have made. Everybody in this world is making decisions on a daily basis but not all of those decisions are positive. Most decisions are not natural, they are spiritual. It is the force behind a man that influences the decisions that he/she makes. And sometimes when the person is taking a destructive decision, their eyes are blinded to the error of their ways because the god of this world has blinded their eyes and deafened their ears. If you don’t discover that you are under a negative influence, how then will you be able to triumph over it?When we realize that we have made the wrong decisions; it is much easier to recover from the consequences.


We all have our perspectives and many allow this to shape our decisions. Our decisions should be founded on God’s perspective, because he alone sees it all. Many of us today are very stubborn and are set in our ways. We do not give heed to counsel. The bible says that in a multitude of counsel there is safety;some decisions definitely require godly counsel. For many of us, the spirit of God guides us and yet we ignore His warnings. Satan wants to lure you to make the wrong decision that will accomplish his devilish assignments in your life. A wrong decision will land you in the net of the devil. “Bad decisions are like Trojan horses, you may not recognize the dangers at first but if you know your history, you will keep them outside your walls” (Bain & Company).


We need to familiarize ourselves with our past, so that we don’t commit the same error over and over. The Bible says in Proverbs 22:3 “a prudent man will see evil coming and avoid it but the simple goes on to his doom”. Nobody wants to take decisions that will hurt them but the spirit of error who is behind every bad decision is waging war on us. The war is not on the streets on in the ring, it is going on in our minds. The first war he fought with man in the Garden of Eden was a battle of the minds. He deceived Eve into disobeying God. Now mankind is still paying for that wrong decision till today. If you know your history and where you are coming from, you should not take some of the decisions that you take today.


Whenever the devil is pushing you, walk or run away. Don’t have temporary forgetfulness of who you are and where you are coming from. Stop making the same mistakes over and over. The consequences of error are severe. There are certain people who made wrong decisions in their life and they paid for it very dearly. Prayer and fasting are useless if you make the wrong decisions. Every physical action is the manifestation of the decision that has already taken place in your mind. So be careful so that you don’t fall into error.




  1. PHARAOH(Exodus 4-14)

After 400 years of slavery, God sent Moses to rescue the Israelites. But the devil deceived Pharaoh into making the wrong decision (Exodus 5:2). Pharaoh’s refusal to let the children of Israel go led the whole nation into losing their entire first born sons. They suffered terrible losses as a result of the plagues that came upon them and eventually all the men of war lost their lives in the red sea. Saying no where you should have said yes will lead you to lose your destiny and maybe your posterity.


  1. THE PRODIGAL SON (Luke 15:11-32)

The prodigal son made an error to take what belonged to him earlier than the rightful time. And this error cost him a lot. The enemy’s strategy is to cause you to make the wrong decisionsthat will ruin your life. This young man collected his inheritance and wasted it all. He ended up losing everything andas a result, he was reduced to eating with the pigs. But the bible says in verse 18 that he came to himself and realized his error.


  1. DAVID (2 Samuel 11:1-27)

The king David sent his armies to war but he remained behind in Jerusalem. As he was walking about idly on his roof, he saw Bathsheba bathing and the spirit of error entered into him and caused him to send for Bathsheba and he slept with her. Shortly afterward, she became pregnant and then the spirit of error showed up again. Instead of dealing with the consequences of his wrong decision, he attempted to cover it up by sending for Uriah to come down from the battle field. Uriah’s integrity didn’t allow him to go home and sleep with his wife. The next day, the king then got him drunk and sent him home, this also didn’t work. At the end of the day, David killed Uriah. As punishment for his actions, God told David that the Sword would not depart from his home. It wasn’t long afterwards that Absalom rose against his father David, chased him out of the Kingdom, and slept with his father’s concubines in the open for all Israel to see.

Pride and arrogance is the foundation of every wrong decision. It takes a great man to make a mistake and admit that he has made a mistake. If you don’t admit it and make amends, the spirit of error will continue to follow you and haunt you until the day you come to your senses.



The consequence of wrong decisions is Pain and Suffering. The devil is the root cause of all wrong decisions and his agenda is to cause you pain.




  1. Trojans and the Wooden Horse

As the story goes, the Greeks under the leadership of Odysseus had laid siege to the city of Troy for a very long time. When all efforts to take the city failed, they devised a cunning means. They built a wooden horse and offered it to the people of Troy. The Trojans brought the famous wooden horse inside their city walls not realizing it was full of Greek soldiers because Odysseus and 30 of his best men hid inside the horse. The decision to allow the Trojan horse into their city resulted in their defeat.


  1. Berlin Conference -1884

This conference held in Berlin was attended by Major European and US powers. At this conference, these world powers divided the continent of Africa amongst themselves like a piece of pie. The decisions they made to divide Africa caused so many problems, some of which we are still facing till date.


  1. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great is a man well known in history for his exploits in war and leadership. He built such an amazing legacy but at the end of his time on earth, he made a single decision that tarnished his legacy forever. On his death bed, he refused to name an heir, and this decision resulted a long period of war among his generals who were all clamoring for the throne.This period of war resulted in the murder of his only son, thus ending his lineage and legacy.

One single decision can have damning ramifications not only in your lifetime but in the lifetime of your children and their children after them.



  • If there is any way you are suffering as a result of wrong decisions, I pray that you will come back to your senses and retrace yourself.
  • I pray that every error in your life will be corrected in Jesus Christ’s mighty name.
  • I prophesy to as many as are walking in the spirit of error, I speak and decree that you will come back to yourself right now in the mighty name of Jesus.
  • I decree that your mind and memory be restored and your eyes opened from henceforth in the name of Jesus Christ.
  • I decree that you shall no more be under the manipulation of any demon, familiar spirit, witch or wizard in the mighty name of Jesus Christ.





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