Message 20


The Grace of God changes stories, transforms destinies, guarantees favor, yields abundance on every side. The Grace of God works miracles;establishes you and causes stagnant things to flow. But you will not be successful if you do not take the right decisions. Nothing changes until we make a decision to change it. You cannot expect to harvest mango when you planted tangerine. Prayer and fasting doesn’t change the fact that you planted tangerine. Where you are in life is as a result of the decisions you have made in life. This month God wants to give us the grace to make positive decisions in our lives.

God doesn’t give us orders on how to run our lives rather He gave us the grace of choice. He gives us the right opportunities and advices us. He then expects us to make the right decisions based on all the tools (His Word) He has given us. We weren’t created to be robots or to be under God’s dictatorship. We have the gift of free will. If we don’t learn to take good decisions concerning our works, businesses and careers, success will continue to elude us. We are independent and unless we ask God for his help, He will allow you to make your own choices. However, you will give account of how you chose to run your life at the end of the day.

You may not have control over yesterday because it is gone but the good news is that you can always make a better decision today and hopefully tomorrow. It is never too late to make a life changing decision. Don’t allow age to trick you into thinking that it is too late to make that decision to follow your dream and goals. As long as you are still breathing, it is never too late. It is better to make the decision and pay for it than not to make that decision at all. The major regret for most dying people is that they didn’t do all the things they had wanted to do with their lives. Therefore the choice is yours today to make a positive decision and stand by it. So that if you die tomorrow, you will die smiling. Like Apostle Paul you will proudly say, “I have finished my race” (2 Timothy 4:7). Make that decision concerning your career today.

It is important to know that not doing anything is also a decision on its own. Not pursing your dream is a decision and being foolish is a choice as well. Everything in life hinges on a decision. Your decision could either be good or bad. We need to understand that every choice will produce a result whether positive and negative.  Our choices have repercussions and it is only a matter of time before we reap the results of our choices. However if your decision is not yielding the desired result you have the opportunity to change your choice.


  1. Understand yourself – (Jeremiah 1:5)

Know yourself, know who God has made you to be and then you can make the right decisions to fulfill that destiny. When you know who you are, you will operate in the Grace God has given you. God told Jeremiah that he formed and ordained him while he was still in his mother’s womb. Your destiny didn’t start here on earth. God knew you before you were born and he already ordained you and gave you a special ability to accomplish a particular task. When you come on earth, God expects you to make the right decisions to discover and achieve that destiny that he has designed for you.

When you don’t know who God has created you to be, you will continue to go round in circles. But when you understand who you are and you play your role, you will leave this earth fulfilled.  Everybody cannot be Equal. We are all uniquelymade for a distinctive purpose.

When you know who you are, it will be the foundation of all the choices you make. You will not rely on people or circumstances to decide what to do. You will not be bothered about what others are doing but you will be more concerned about doing what you were created to do. And doing so will cause you to enjoy divine support and backing. Operating in a place where you are not ordained for will lead to struggles and unnecessary challenges. Fulfilling our destiny should be a priority to everyone of us.

  1. Depend on God for Guidance – Isaiah 30: 21-23

We know yesterday, and we may know today but we have no idea what may happen tomorrow and thus we need to utterly depend on God for our decisions. We need God to guide us into the purpose for which he created us. Every inventor has a conception of his product in his mind before he starts the actual construction. We were not created as an after-thought. Thus God has and knows everything it takes for us to walk in our purpose and fulfill it. You can decide to involve God in your life and heed his counsel.

The bible says “And your ears will hear a word behind you, saying, this is the way; walk in it, when you turn to the right and when you turn to the left” (Isaiah 30:21-23).When you pray, God will give you guidance; it is now your decision to obey God’s counsel.  It is the devil desire that you will make the wrong decision to wreck your work and career. You must always hear from God before you make any decision concerning your work, business or career.



  1. The Prodigal Son –  Luke 15:11-32

The prodigal son made a mistake when he left home. But he put his pride aside and made the decision to return home. Many of us allow our egos to stop us from returning to those places where God has ordained that we will prosper. If you made a bad decision in your past, it is not too late to go back and make amends.  Don’t be in a hurry to leave a place unless God is asking you to. When God asks you to leave a place, he will surely make provision for the new place he is taking you. When you leave without God’s instruction, you will surely face difficulties and the end will be worse than the beginning. One wrong decision is enough to wreck your career so don’t make the decision without first consulting God. There are people we have left that we shouldn’t leave, and there are people we are still with when God wants us to leave those places. Let your decision be backed by God and you will never get it wrong.


  1. Jacob –  Genesis 30:25-36

Jacob was cheated 10 times by his uncle Laban and yet he didn’t leave. He was submissive because God hadn’t asked him to go yet. How many of us will have the patience to stay when our salaries and compensations have been subverted? Yet Jacob stayed and didn’t’ walk away. He kept praying to God until God gave him an idea that changed his fortune. God will give you an idea that will recover your losses and make your life ideal if your decisions are founded in Him. Because of Jacob’s faithfulness and dependence on God, he recovered all that he lost and God made him even more prosperous than Laban. It was after this reward that God directed him to move. When Jacob finally left Laban he left with tremendous wealth. Don’t make a decision to leave when you should stay. You may not like your partner, boss, colleague or place of work but if God sent you there, don’t leave on your own. You may not like the treatment but it will end in glory for you.

  1. Isaac 26: 19-26

Isaac went to stay in the land of Gerar as instructed by the Lord. And there was famine in that place but the well he dug was taken away from him. He dug another one and that also was taken from him. He didn’t give up, rather, he still stayed there and dug another well. When he dug the 3rd well, they didn’t contend for that one and he named it Rehoboth. When the people of the land saw that they could no more fight him, they came with their leaders to make peace and form an alliance with him because they saw that God was with him.

God may have sent you to a place, don’t give up when you face opposition or contention. Because when God sends you somewhere, he will surely prosper you there. Stay where God has positioned you. Though the circumstances may not be favorable don’t quit wait till the end and see what God is doing. Make a decision to find out God’s mind concerning your career. Ask God to show you what to do in your business and career. Even if you are a student, ask God which course to study. Let the decision be of him. Ask God to show you how to do it.

The same people that brought you pain can be the same people that God might want to use to compensate you or to introduce you to a great opportunity. Don’t judge anything with the physical eye and mind. Take every decision with God and you will never go wrong. Let God guide you, to make the right response when necessary. Don’t take decisions that will make the devil rejoice. Stick with God and your life will be successful.



Scriptures: Prov.3:5-10, James 1:5, Luke 15:11-32, Gen. 30:25-36, Gen. 26:19-26, Joel 3:14, Isaiah 30:21-23, Isaiah 45:2-3

  1. Grace to make positive decisions in my work, business and career, come upon me now in the Name of Jesus Christ.
  2. Lord God teach me the wisdom to make good decisions that will change my financial story in this year in the Name of Jesus Christ
  3. Grace of God help me to say yes where I need to say yes, and no where I need to say no in my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ
  4. Jehovah, give me the Grace to bury any pride in my life that will hinder my success and progress in my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ
  5. Grace of God, guide me so that I will not make any decision that will put smiles on the face of my enemies concerning my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ
  6. Grace of God, help me to make decisions that will cause the Host of Heaven to be interested in my work and financial matters in the Name of Jesus Christ
  7. Jehovah Jireh give me the Grace and strength to not quit the work, business and career you have ordained to give me success and breakthrough no matter the challenges in the Name of Jesus Christ
  8. Jehovah Elohim by your grace, open my eyes to see deeper revelations concerning my work, business and career in the Name of Jesus Christ
  9. Grace to see treasures of darkness and hidden riches of secret places in my work, business and career, come upon me today in the Name of Jesus Christ
  10. God of Grace, give me total health and divine protection to continue in my work, business and career without early exist in the Name of Jesus Christ
  11. By the Grace, Mercy and Favor of God, I will not make any decision that will wreck my work, business, career and finances in the Name of Jesus Christ
  12. Almighty God, I thank you because you will always guide me to make decisions that will favor my work, business and career through your Grace in the Name of Jesus Christ.




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